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We are a family invented, son inspired patent pending product made to help ease those concerned with magnet interference. There are no accessories similar to what Guardian Angel Armour has to offer, which is what makes our breakthrough discoveries so unique. With much research, development, and third party testing, Guardian Angel Armour is able to serve a variety of individuals and businesses concerned about Electromagnetic Interference and Electromagnetic Fields.  In addition to creating magnet blocking products, Guardian Angel Armour is committed to improving lives and continuing the research and conversation regarding the effects of magnets.

​​​Guardian Angel Armour offers a line of products to assist in safeguarding electronic and non-electronic devices from magnet interference. Specifically, Guardian Angel Armour has created a variety of avenues to assist those with magnet, gauss, Electromagnetic Interference, and Electromagnetic Field concerns. Learn more about Guardian Angel Armour, current and future products, and resources available by clicking the appropriate photo below.​

Effective Shielding from Everyday Magnet and Electromagnetic Fields.